See Inside Our Process

Vapor Distillation

We’re not secretive about how we produce such a great product—we want you to be fully informed.

We extract our full-spectrum hemp extract from organic hemp in partnership with Natural Extraction Systems™, using their patented Vapor Distillation™ process.  Vapor Distillation involves using heated air to flash vaporize the hemp flower, allowing all CBD, cannabinoids and terpenes to be extracted while leaving behind the plant matter.

The hemp plant has a wide array of health benefits, so we designed a full-spectrum extraction process that makes use of all the hemp plant’s beneficial properties, while still maintaining a controlled and standardized level of CBD.

After extracting our hemp extract, it is then distilled and combined with organic virgin Coconut oil.  An ideal delivery medium, coconut oil allows your body to fully absorb the hemp extract for maximum circulation, whereas it is often difficult for the body to absorb when ingested by itself.