A MESSAGE to all of our new friends at Epilepsy Awareness Day!

I just wanted to say hi to you all! We've been receiving a lot of new traffic after our time here and it has been absolutely wonderful to meet all of you and hear your stories. As you may have noticed, we have just very recently finalized our web setup for sales and shipping online (as in, the week before this event really).  Though we have been selling all around Colorado, we're just starting our web presence and are hoping to spread awareness. As such, we don't have any major reviews up yet, but would love your feedback!  We would love your help in expanding and sharing this wonderful supplement to help those in need, and your personal reviews will certainly help us! 

Additionally, you can find us on Facebook here, and we would love your support as we continue to grow!

And if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us through here!

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